the artists are present - Residency at ArtSocialSpace Brunnenpassage Wien

mixed media installation

together with Eleni Palles


Vienna, July 2020

In the summer 2020, the ArtSocialSpace BRUNNENPASSAGE not being able to host its regular events due to covid regulations, invited artists to use the space for one week. Mira König and Eleni Palles spent five very hot July days there, putting together objects, sounds and light into a spatial essay.

"Central to our creative practice as scenographers is the staging of transient worlds. We work with the ephemeral and the immersive and this proposal draws from the hybrid character of our discipline. Liminal states have been a recurring theme and common interest in our artistic work and with this collaboration we want to further investigate their translation into temporary environments."

The work was inspired by Dan Fox’s book ‘Limbo’, a literary essay that put everything we were experiencing during the lockdown in words. We were indeed stuck in limbo: our interiors had become awkward waiting rooms while the exterior lay in paralysis.This installation is about displaced art fragments coming together in a new context and merge as a temporary emergency into yet another limbo layer. Objects and sounds from previous projects supplemented by demolition debris, all estranged from their original function, compose a spatial collage that explores new relationships and the degrees of freedom that this limbo allows. The fragments lie there out of context (in limbo), they are detracted from their temporality and placed in a timeless space.